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Little Anne QCPR

Creating quality lifesavers

Improving bystander CPR training with quality CPR feedback, efficiency, and learner engagement.

Fun learning is better learning

We know CPR training creates lifesavers. But for years it has been a challenge for instructors to provide accurate and objective feedback on their students' performance. Until now.

Little Anne QCPR is now available with a gaming element and Quality CPR (QCPR) feedback technology, to help instructors improve both CPR training quality, classroom efficiency and learner engagement.  

Introducing gamified learning with the QCPR Race

Ready, set, GO!

Control in the palm of your hand

Monitor up to six manikins at a time with the QCPR Instructor app, or train one-to-one with our QCPR Learner app. Stay on top of every participant's progress.

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*Little Anne QCPR is not compatible with SimPad

Check compatibility of the QCPR Instructor and QCPR Learner apps

QCPR Instructor app works with:

  • iOS version 9* and upwards
  • Several devices* that use Android version 7 and higher

QCPR Learner app works with:

  • Android version 5.0 and upwards
  • iOS version 9* and upwards
  • Several devices* that use Android version 4.4 and higher

Note: The QCPR Instructor app and QCPR Learner app cannot both be connected to the manikin at the same time.

*For more information, including lists of devices that have been tested for compatibility, check our product support portal.

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Little Family Pack is a convenient package of age-specific CPR training manikins with a wheeled carry case for ease of transport and storage.

Now with QCPR feedback technology, to help instructors improve CPR training quality, efficiency, and learner engagement.

The Resusci Anne® QCPR manikin and technology enables healthcare providers to obtain competence to deliver quality CPR in accordance with the latest Guidelines.

The new SkillGuide for the QCPR manikins enhances the ability to Measure, Track and Improve your CPR skills. Small, portable and light weight, it is compatible with Resusci Anne with QCPR and Resusci Baby with QCPR.


Upgrade your existing Little Anne for Quality CPR

Upgrade your Little Anne to include QCPR feedback with this upgrade kit. 
Available for all Little Anne manikins manufactured after February 1999.

For more information on determining if your Little Anne can be upgraded,
check our product support portal.

Shop upgrade kit

SEE VIDEO: How to upgrade your old Little Anne: 

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